Jian Ding

Professor, School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University
Research: Probability Theory
Webpage: https://www.math.pku.edu.cn/teachers/dingjian/index.html

Weixiao Shen

Professor, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University
Research: Dynamical System
Webpage: https://math.fudan.edu.cn/fa/0e/c30607a326158/page.htm

Xin Liu

Professor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research: numerical methods for optimization problems with orthogonality constraints including linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Webpage: http://lsec.cc.ac.cn/~liuxin/

Robert David Morris

Full Member of Brazilian Academy of Science
Position: Full Professor, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA)
Research: Combinatorics, Graph Theory
E-mail: rob@impa.br
Webpage: http://lattes.cnpq.br/5427009080645055

Claudia Alejandra Sagastizabal

Position: Adjunct Researcher, University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
Research: Nonsmooth Optimization, Stochastic Programming, Variational Analysis
E-mail: sagastiz@unicamp.br
Webpage: https://www.ime.unicamp.br/~sagastiz/

Jaqueline Godoy Mesquita

Member of the Brazilian Academy of Science
Position: Professor, University of Brasília (UnB)
Research: Analysis
E-mail: jgmesquita@unb.br
Webpage: https://www.mat.unb.br/jgmesquita/

Milton Jara

Position: Full Professor, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA)
Research: Probability, interacting particle systems, scaling limits
E-mail: mjara@impa.br
Webpage: https://impa.br/wp-content/scriptLattes/membro-7496571533341165.html

Zhenlei Zhang

Affiliation: School of Mathematical Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, 100048, China
Research area: Differential Geometry
E-mail: zhleigo@aliyun.com
Webpage: https://math.cnu.edu.cn/FACULTY/qtjs2/szmjs/Z/91330d885a844036a7c6e18f26d22cd0.htm